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Course Price


Course length

14 weeks



Gordana Radić

I studied this programme first as a participant and after realising its value I qualified as Dreambuilder Coach. As with all of my courses I share this valuable technology and combine it with my experience to support you in your dream-building steps. It is my honour and joy to witness progress you make following this simple yet profound and important steps.

About the course

Design, test and build vision of your life.  It starts with question what you would truly love and helps you identify and address main issues that stand on your way.
Course consist of 16 lessons and one bonus workshop.
First month you are encouraged to search within yourself what is that you would like to do, create, be, have, share. What is that makes you smile and makes your heart bit faster.
Second month we concentrate on clearing your mental and emotional clutter so whole of you is available to serve your dream.
Final month is about speeding up the process of realisation.
You will learn and practice proven, reliable, repeatable system that can be applied in all areas of your life again and again as your vision expands and you build dream after dream.

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