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Course Price


Course length

24 months



Gordana Radić

As I Life Mastery Consultant I was certified by Brave Thinking Institute to coach their advance programmes such as working with the universal laws, developing our genius capacities and learning to cope in most difficult life circumstances. I combined these with my personal experience and wide knowledge in body and mind work to deliver you this unique programme.

About the course

Natural question that comes after completing Dreambuilder is: What is next? This advanced programme offers you an opportunity to continue with consistent and stimulating support in exploring and learning more about most important subject - Yourself.
Gradually you change perception of your limits and continue to expand and live the most fulfilled Life possible. It offers you profound and practical tools of applying and testing what you learn in everyday life.
In programme we work on improving your mental abilities such as your intuition, memory, imagination, reasoning as well as going deeper into principles of manifestation and transformation. We go deeper into subjects of love, forgiveness, intention, focus, choice and in one words your awareness.
We meet twice a month and our mentoring meetings are always live , the content tailor made to be most actual and useful to a particular group and individual students.

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