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Course Price

99€ pm

Course length

12 months



Gordana Radić

Mentor with extensive personal and therapeutic experience in the field of personal development. Dreambuilder Coach, Life Mastery Consultant, NLP practitioner, creative and energy body therapist.

About the course

Personal development for young people is the key to your success in the 21st century. We make so many decisions daily. Which college to enroll in? What job to choose? Is the person I'm in a relationship with really right for me? Live on my own or share? Are you struggling with making decision? How you handle that pressure? Do you have a feeling that you are making mistake? You listen to others and not yourself? The starting point of each journey is to determine your destination. What do you want your life to look like? What makes you happy? How to make your LIFE to be your choice? How to live the life you were truly born to live? The truth is, everyone will meet with challenges down the road. Your Mindset decides whether these challenges become steppingstones to your success or insurmountable obstacles. My life – My choice will provide you with reliable, proven, practical and successful tools for Success Mindset, clarity and understanding of your thoughts, feelings and decisions. You will develop a genius of intuition, imagination, will, memory and perception. I will support you at every step you take to the realization of your dream.

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