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my story


Hi, I am Gordana Radić, psychosocial advisor (MSc), body therapist and artist

Some 20 years ago I have started studying transformational principles and I became Psychosocial Advisor, NLP Master, Dreambuilder Coach, Life Mastery Consultant (Brave Thinking Institut), aroma and phytotherapist, sound therapist, shiatsu practitioner, completed various creative arts educations and acquired rich experience helping my clients to faster realise their goals and create rich, fulfilled live.

I studied with world renowned teachers and today I am happy and grateful for opportunity to create inspirational workshops and strong transformational programmes that take my clients to the new levels of success and living harmonious, abundant life. 

I was blessed with many travels and I met many people each with their own story and view of the world.  It tought me that each one of us is highest authority for ourself.  Personally, I had many challenges, sorrows, losses and despair is not unknown to me.  With some distance in all of this I chose to find learning.  All the tools we gain in life are to be used flexibly, practically and with understanding the purpose.  My personal learning never stops and I recently completed theoretical part of Somatic Experience Education (working with trauma) and NLP Trener education.  This contionous education helps me to always better support my clients in their self discovery and creation, this is my purpose and greatest passion.


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