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Fear is Not your Enemy

I love this picture as it presents the truth in so many ways. Fear is only an ant in most cases and our true power, who we truly are is an elephant in comparison. If only elephant in this picture knew this…..Don't you wish you could tell him?

Fear keeps us hostage when we are not aware of our own weight. How it could happen? One explanation for it is that we give fear our own power, our own weight and allow it to become something what it is not.

Remember, fear is not a fact, fear is an emotion. It is triggered every time we step outside what we are used to. So FEAR does not mean WE CANNOT DO IT, it simple means WE HAVE NOT DONE IT YET.

How do we overcome the fear? One of the best ways is by doing the very thing we are afraid of. By doing it we get our own weight back as we start the process and challenge our fear. We call its bluff. When we do it once we have more power to do it again.

When I started Life Mastery teaching I had a great fear of public speaking and at the same time there was a desire in me to share this message. One of the teaching in the programme that helped me greatly was that you do not become perfect by waiting for perfection. YOU MASTER IT BY DOING IT.

Every time you do something you become better in. It sounds simple enough but the trick is that we do not remember it when our fear is talking directly to us. It is at that time MENTOR is precious to remind us of our real power. By reminding you Mentor helps you break an enchantment and you can lift your fear–ant easily in the air, just by knowing who you are and taking a step into direction of your goal.

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