mentoring programmes

for group and individual mentoring


    Practical, proven, repeatable personal development program for young people that creates Success Mindset. You will gain clarity and understanding of your thoughts, feelings and decisions. Develop genius of intuition, imagination, will, memory and perception. All with the support of an experienced mentor.

    Course Price

    99€ pm

    Course length

    12 months


    Design, test and build vision of your life you would really love to live.  It is your heart and not your circumstances that decide. So we start with WHAT and learn to navigate HOW. It is call Dreambuilder as this is what you learn to do - build your Dreams.

    Course Price


    Course length

    14 weeks


    Advance programme offering you continuous and stimulating support in deep exploration of self and applying this in everyday life. This programmes is offered to participants who completed Dreambuilder and are ready to go further as we never stop building our dreams and enriching our lives.

    Course Price


    Course length

    24 months


Mlinovi 64 

10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Tel: +385 91 177 7770​

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