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I'm psychosocial advisor (MSc), body therapist and artist. My greatest passion is to see my clients thrive and move from being stuck to living rich, fulfilling life they really love.  

I passionately believe that all our aspects, our soul, our mind and our body need to be nourished so we can be truly happy and I support my clients in all of these areas. 


I walk my talk and talk from my wide experience, moving from accomplished corporate career to freedom of creating what I love and sharing this with my clients supporting them to design and build their dreams.

gordana radić



Online, individual 

programme in English

  • For better relationships
  • Personal success
  • Eliminating misunderstandings
  • Better understanding of self and others
  • Successful management of thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • NLP communication + Somatic Experiencing for both verbal and non verbal communicaiton
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How I Can Help You

None knows better than you what makes you happy.  You are the highest authority when it comes to the way you want to live your life.  I cannot teach you that. I can help you develop crystal clear vision of what you would like your life to be in every important area.

We have so many choices, so many paths we can take and I can encourage and support you in making your choice and taking important action steps.

I teach you tools that can help you make most efficient choices.  Choices that will lead to realisation of your goals faster and satisfaction with you achievement and creation.  You will recognise that choices and make the steps yourself.

As psyhosocial councellor and holistic therapist I offer holistic support to your personal growth and healing.


Maja NV

Some people come into your life with a mission, they give you what you need for your growth and personal development, they push you when you think you can't, they help you look at the situation from multiple perspectives.  Committed and focused they help you firm your relationship with yourself.  Goga helped me, with subtle but constant encouragement, to realize my life vision. A prerequisite for this change was also my great desire to change things for the better. Even though on the outside it looked like I was leading the perfect life.  Now it seems very simple, but behind me is the process of working on myself for a year. It's been the most precious journey of my life and it certainly continues. I wish I had this mentoring when I was 18, because I think it's the perfect time to systematize thoughts, to understand our relationships and to get to know myself better. Goga, thank you for everything so far and for everything to come!

Ljiljana P

I've been trying to make a change in my life for a long time and I realized that every day spent waiting is a step backwards. I went to Gordana's seminars and I got the wind in my back, so that the desired changes would come true. At every moment of my sinking, I received wonderful selfless support from her. She is a very nice, honest person who gives herself to the last atom and runs the race together with each individual, and sees each of our successes as her own.

Kristina L

Being with Goga is like going to the most wonderful and warm place in the world. Her energy fills you with warmth and a sense of deep calm. I don't know which of the treatments I could single out because each of them gives me exceptional pleasure for body, mind and spirit. Her hands are magical, and her words are fulfilling. I heartily recommend you these treatments, and Goga will take you to places you didn't even know existed.

Sead K

The DreamBuilder and Limitless programs helped me to focus more efficiently on the thoughts I want to materialize, while removing the low-frequency vibration barriers that stand in the way of my goals taking into account gratitude, faith, giving and receiving.

Ivana Š

If you decide to take on mentoring, you will give yourself a special, very precious gift, which nothing else can replace.  You will have a unique opportunity to create and make the desired changes in every aspect of your life in the best possible way and to turn all your dreams, which you felt belonged only to the fantasy world, into a new, magical reality. Feel what it means to live your dream and look forward to each new day. Thanks to the expert guidance of a top class mentor with very rich professional knowledge and experience in various fields, you are able to gain insights and knowledge with which you can completely change your life.

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